Character actor Richard Moss as Froggy Bagshaw

Australian actor Richard Moss as Froggy Bagshaw.

In Sydney in 2012 to attend the funeral of Daryl Scott, Froggy finds himself in a curious time warp  

The Froggy Bagshaw Tales begin in the tiny (fictional) Australian country town of Avondale, in October of 1949, on the day of Frederick Hartford (Froggy) Bagshaw's birth. The tales will take you on an eventful journey, from that spring day to his autumn years, in a quaint  old suburb of Melbourne.
Get to know Froggy, his family, his work mates and his closest friends, including the beautiful Sarah Coulter, the one great love of his life.

Older audiences will remember much of the history as  the stories unfold, younger audiences will recognise some
aspects of Australia's past and will be intrigued by others, such as the corporal punishment metered out  by Australian schools in the 1960s, the altered work scene, the age of deference, the "Hippy" era, and the direct impact of such things as the Vietnam war upon the lives of ordinary Australian people.

The Froggy Bagshaw tales are the historic landmarks of an ordinary Australian Bloke,
who although lacking many of the conventional heroic qualities, is nevertheless a curious fellow, and an uncomplicated,  heart-warming Australian.

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