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Nurse Emily Brightman. An account of the birth of Frederick Hartford Bagshaw in the tiny country town of Avondale. The year is 1949, a time  when  Australia's pioneer charm and spirit was still very much alive and well. Generally, the nation was enjoying  a rise in the standard of living, but for many small country towns, it would be some time before services  caught up with the larger centres, and many small farming families were, as some are today, still doing it tough. 
Image courtesy of Warrnambool Standard

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Morrison Park . Having outgrown the resources of his local school, Froggy has just moved to the boy's high school at Morrison Park, where he meets new mates, including a boy who will become his best mate, Geoffrey (Ratbag) Rankin. He learns more about human relationships and the ways of the world and encounters such teachers, as the much loved E.H. Walton, the curious and egocentric G. Hutchinson and the universally hated, Tom Hubbard.

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 First in the Morrison Park Trilogy.

Short story set in Australia of the 1960s
 Ratbag and the Bricks. Part Three of the Morrison Park Trilogy.
Geoffrey (Ratbag) Rankin has become Froggy's closest mate at Morrison high School. Froggy is staying at Ratbag's place for a week or so during the school holidays, and they are about to embark on an adventure that will take them across country to the home of Ratbag's eccentric granddad. Just another stride along life's highway, but a picturesque one in this case, with a couple of valuable lessons learned, and one moment that Froggy will remember for the rest of his life.  

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Third in the Morrison Park Trilogy.

 Sarah Coulter. Froggy and Sarah were childhood pals, climbing trees, fishing for yabbies, riding horses and gathering mushrooms that magically appeared in the paddocks. Somewhere, in that mysterious passage between twelve and twenty, the carefree kids would fade away for ever. After a brief separation,  Sarah and Froggy reunited, would each discover the great true love of their lives.

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Big Victor.  Mindful of the need to make and save money for marriage and the future, Froggy,  who had learned the mechanics trade, would travel far from his his little country town and his true love, to the interstate quarry towns, where bigger money could be earned. Working at a concrete block factory in the midst of a giant quarry, he would meet such characters as Danny, Porky and Clyde, and a curious "New Australian" by the name of Vic Viscovic; or simply "Big Victor."

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 Burt and George. In Adelaide in the 1970s Froggy is down on his luck. Whilst looking for work one  particularly hot summer day, Froggy would, quite by chance, stumble upon the strangest pair of blokes he had ever known or, like most of us, would ever get to know. With only the few dollars in his pocket to his name, he was trying to avoid buying take away food, and was fighting desperately with the desire to sink a schooner of beer, when his abiding interest in brickwork suddenly got the better of him.

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Short story of 1970s Australia by Richard Moss

Sment'n. A job at last, and a pleasant drive to the work site, situated behind a block of shops. Here concrete would be made and laid, some explaining would be done and some life long lessons would be learned. This summer day would be a "dog day," but not in the Latin sense (dies caniculares) This dog (a German shepherd) day would bring an unusual experience to say the least, but then it would involve Froggy and those highly unusual fellows, Burt and George Saunders. Not a lot of "sment'n" would get done, that's for sure. 

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Tales of Australia's past, Written and told  by Richard Moss

 Daryl's Dependable Deals. A trip to Sydney and a night in a motel, some curious arrangements and a sprinkling of odd human beings. Froggy will attend the funeral of a man he last saw nearly 35 years ago, and the proceedings will bring back memories he would rather have forgotten. Funny things memories, they sometimes bring back more than simple facts and faces; as usual, one thing leads to another, emotions grab us when we least expect it, and somehow nothing passes  quite as we thought it might have done.

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